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Medex Plus staff consists of NHA certified billing and coding experts, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving our clients.  Not only can we assist your existing business in all of its Medical Billing needs but Medex Plus can also be beneficial to your new treatment facility with administrative consulting, client documentation, and UR services through an associated corporation.   We set ourselves apart from much larger firms because we offer a personal and individualized service that can only be offered by a company like Medex Plus and its hands on approach to every client we serve.  The supportive business relationships that we build at Medex Plus are nurtured with the same care that your clients expect from their very own Health Care Provider.  Take a look below at some of the ways Medex Plus can help you!


   We take all patient inquires in relation to their bills out of your office into ours


   We offer faster more efficient claims processing creating greater cash flow.


   We offer faster more efficient claims processing creating greater cash flow.


   We track unpaid claims and resubmit claims if necessary.


   We provide custom weekly and end of month reports at your request.


   We handle Medicare Billing which is rare in our industry.


   We offer Customized electronic claims processing.


   We utilize Pre claim editing to ensure error-free claims transmission on the front end.


   We file secondary and tertiary insurance claims.


   We Submit UB04 and HCFA-1500 claims for both facilities and individual providers.


   We promptly follow up on all claims.


   We pay detailed attention to the posting of payments.



If you are interested in adding to the success of your practice, while lightening the load of your office staff, and separating the medical care from the billing please give us a call.


Phone: 954-366-3244

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